I make a complete DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY to Promote your website yourdomainname.ext   to Millions of People worldwide.

Your Targeted Customer:

  1. Age: 30 to 70 , Male & Female
  2. Location: As per customer choice
  3. Economic segment: As per customer choice
  4. Customers interest: As per customer choice



Estimated Budget: Rs. 18000/- per month (Rs. 50000/- quarterly)

Estimated  work to promote your Website: ( for  Rs. 50000)

 Minimum Contract: 3 Months

  1. 1000 Group Posting.

Facebook Group Post & Share


  1. 1000 Classified Posting:



  1. 1000 Backlink Create and Blog Posting:

Backlink Create By Blog posting, Forum Posting, Article Submission

(  Link Building & Backlink Create of your Website in Many top blogsites with keywords ) From different Id, location time and text.


  1. 1000 Bookmarking:

(We can spread your website link worldwide by bookmark submission. Its very effective Off page SEO strategy)


  1. 100 Youtube Video Create with your Product:

( I will create a youtube channel for you and make 100 videos with your New Product post in your website. And share your website link in all video description ) We can real numerous real customer by Youtube Marketing.


  1. 20 Blogsite Create( Blogger or Free WordPress sites):

Create 20 blogsite for you and make two Post daily by collecting information from your latest post and Product description , we input keywords and On page optimization so that it will appear in google search top page.


  1. 90 Facebook Post Create:

Create one post Daily and Total facebook page promotion service.


  1. Create 2 Facebook group for your own Marketing :

  We create a Facebook Group for you and invite to join millions of people who are real buyer. This is your community and you can Easily promote your product among them.


  1. Instagram Marketing:

 Create instagram page and promote as facebook.


  1. Facebook Boosting:

Look After Your Total facebook Boosting.


  1. On page SEO of Your Website so that Rank in Google:

Keyword analysis, Keywords Settings, Necessary Modification of your HTML coading according to your requirements, Image Alt Tag and Ohters On page SEO related jobs.


Daily Report Submit:

I will submit details report with all information with proper proof work in excel sheet or Google Sheet. Daily work, Daily Report submit. You can Justify every link.



Rs. 50000/- (per quarterly)


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